Meet Mark Goodstein

I met Mark a couple of months ago in his office at Rustic Canyon Partners. He had been Executive Director for the Automotive X Prize, and I could sense his disappointment and frustration with the EV space when he started by saying that he was only interested in how to improve internal combustion engines (!)... Despite this early reaction, we had a great conversation, and I could see that he had a great understanding of the industry and its multiple challenges.

Fast forward to mid-March, when I introduced myself to one of the associates at Rustic Canyon, while attending one of those start-up gatherings where about one hundred paying founders ambush five or six angel and VC representatives. He asked me to send him the slide deck so their in-house automotive expert could review it. Their expert, as Entrepreneur in Residence, was Mark.

Mark and I have agreed to work together for the next three weeks, when we will present our findings to the partners at Rustic Canyon. Big or small, it is a fair shot at getting funded.

As you know, I have been looking for a non-technical cofounder for a while now, and Mark's startup executive experience along with his contacts and knowledge of the industry (still with a fresh outsider's point of view) can greatly help itMoves jump to the next level. If things go well with Rustic Canyon Partners, Mark will join itMoves as a cofounder and potential CEO.

We will spend the next several weeks exploring in detail an interesting, slightly different flavor that Mark proposed: Los Angeles (city, county, metropolitan area) not only as our base but also as our test market, bringing jobs, transportation and bragging rights to the car culture capital of the world. If we solve LA, others will doubtlessly follow. It is a bold vision, and that's why it's worth chasing it.