Ingress-Egress Study

Everybody is curious about how can we get in and out of the vehicle, how does it work. I have to admit that I haven' t done a good job at explaining it, since nothing short of peaking at the computer while zooming and rotating seems to show it properly (at least until the seating buck is finished).

Here is an attempt at showing how it works.

As you can see, the door opens to the side, with a simple double-hinge mechanism attached to the frame and the roof structure. After clearing the bumper (which at 450mm/18in is high but not too high), the driver will then move down to the flat floor, leaving the folded seat on the side. The seat will manually unfold (it needs a lower link, not rendered) and clip to the other side of the frame, using a method similar to the Switch step-in binding (skip to 0:42 on the video). The seat itself is an elastomeric fabric like Pellicle, produced by The Quantum Group for Herman Miller's Aeron chair. It is lightweight, comfortable, easy to clean and replace and, obviously, easy to fold, it perfectly matches ME's spirit (except in recyclability...) To get out, simply repeat the process in reverse.

The seating buck proved the validity of the overall concept, and the dimensions are big enough to move around and seat comfortably, at least for a 1,75m 80kg male (5'10", 176 lb.) like myself.