Frost & Sullivan Carsharing Study


Here is an interesting recent study by Frost & Sullivan, forecasting the number of carsharing users in Europe and North America in the next few years.

I had a good email conversation with Aswin Kumar, F&S Senior Research Analyst for the study. Unsurprisingly, he confirmed the importance of Paris' Autolib system, coming on line next year:

We expect 1 in 3 new vehicles added from 2012 be a Battery operated electric vehicle. This is mainly due to the addition of 3000-4000 EVs that will be from the Paris' Autolib' program starting Q3-2011. We are still awaiting a confirmation on the Autolib' program whether it will be done at one-go or in a deferred manner. Even if its done in a deferred manner of 1500-Evs by 2012 then that would be around 28% of the planned new vehicle addition between 2012 and 2013 in Europe. Furthermore, there are proposals to replicate the Autolib' model in United Kingdom and Spain around the time frame of 2013-2014 albeit in the tune of 1000 EVs.