First Post : 1:4 Scale Model Quick Off



Back when I started thinking about itMoves, I decided that one of the best ways to speed up development and save cost would be to go digital for as long as possible. It is not the best way (nothing beats several months of full size clay development, Audi style) but there are enough digital tools nowadays to get 90% there.

Months have passed and I have been, slowly, pushed back to a more traditional development, for the simple reason that most people outside the industry (i.e. investors) need to not only see but also touch development.

So here we go. With the help from our friends at Viperteck, we should have a 1:4 scale foam model finished in about a month. What you see here is the first step (3D model of a wheel ready for SLA), before we move to the 20 lb/ft foam model.