Fifty Days in London


[Image credit: itMoves]

It's been fifty days since I moved to the United Kingdom (many more since I last wrote a post) and changes have been, as anyone would imagine, substantial:

• At the personal level, I am getting to know one of the most vibrant cities on the planet. After more than a decade living (and why not, enjoying) Southern California, Central London feels like it is bursting at the seams. The people, the energy and the visual landscape are, at least in Soho where I spend most of my time, exciting, phenomenal, and at times, overwhelming. The downside of it all (the overrun subway system, the tourist crowds, the prices) has not yet managed to ruin it for me yet, and with the rest of the family joining me in August, the excitement of The New is going to stay with me for a while.

• At the professional level, I have been forced to (temporarily?) give up any startup adventure and get back to the corporate design world. As far as car design studios go, Ford's Strategic Concept Group at the old ingeni building is as good as it gets, mixing design, engineering, marketing and product planning in a promising new way, forward-looking but with our feet planted in reality. Along with the fantastic location, the fact that they still remember me from my past days at Ford helped me seal the deal.

So what to do with this blog? The logistics of the move, which included renting out and getting out of our apartment while packing my suitcases, simply sapped too much time and energy out of me for a few weeks; once I moved here, the excitement of the new, plus a small dose of guilt (how can this guy keep writing about new mobility when he is working for Ford?) conspired to create what I can only describe as writer's block (pretentious as it sounds). However, as days and weeks went by, I realized that different flavors of the same problems that made me quit and start itMoves (oil and commodity prices climbing up again, the rise of motoring China, the inescapable feeling that Times They Are A-changin' in the transportation world) are not only still here, but turning ever more complicated, as the recent events is Japan and the MIddle East certify.

The blog will continue. I will of course no comment on anything related with our internal studio activities for confidentiality reasons. I will also have to be careful around any Ford related topic, just for decency sake (after all, They pay the bills now). But other than that, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to report not only from one of the most vibrant metropolis in the world, but also a city on the frontlines, in the gasoline-soaked battle between individual freedoms and the common good.

After all, if they managed to turn rainy London into an almost (almost) bicycle friendly city, anything can happen here.

So let's keep it rollin'