itMoves blog has not been active since February 2011. 


I had spent twelve years working for the auto industry as a concept car designer (Linkedin), my dream job while growing up in Spain. As years went by, it became harder to combine a growing environmental awareness with my job for the Man, and the original passion started to fade away.

In 2009, convinced that the combination of EVs and car-sharing had the potential to fundamentally change the way we moved in cities, I decided to quit my job at GM Advanced Design. itMoves was then founded to develop a Product+Service combination that would help bring more drivers into electric vehicles, at a price everyone could afford. I loved the irony of staging it all in Los Angeles, perhaps the city most responsible for the car dependent culture we enjoy today. 

After a good start (runner-up at the Clean Tech Open business competition), the understandable reluctance of the investment community to fund more EV ventures put an end to the dream. However, the overall response was quite positive, and lots of people got it, so it seemed like a waste to keep itMoves secret before returning to 9-to-5 land. The need for better solutions is still there, somewhere in between what venture capital is willing to finance ($30m) and what big auto needs to start a project ($150m+).

This site was originally a private internal tool, so older posts might seem too narrowly focused. Moving forward, I hope my comments inspire some of you to think about what clean transportation worthy of the XXI century could be.



The weekly posts had to stop in 2011, after I took a position with Ford at their Strategic Concept Group in London, as many topics in this blog overlap with my day to day job.